Making Music with Children:

An Easy Way to Make Music with Young Children (for Non-Musical Adults)

Compiled and performed
by Teri Tibbett

Making Music with Children (1994) is a music activity book and CD set with 74 songs and activities guiding young children (and their non-musical adults) in singing, hand-clapping, jumping, rocking, bouncing, rhythm instrument play, dancing, whole body and creative movement.

The songs are simple and recognizable. They feature many of America's most popular children's songs with movement activities to keep them fun and engaging. Research shows that early music training helps children become better listeners, readers, and mathematicians. This program encourages parents and teachers to make music with their children as much and as soon as possible, regardless of music their ability.

The book and CD set includes the following activities:

Let's Sing Hello · A Sailor Went to Sea · The Bear Went Over the Mountain · My Bonny · Sweetly Sings the Donkey · Rock A Bye Baby · Hey Lolly · London Bridges Polka · Yankee Doodle · I'm A Little Teapot · Harps in Springtime · Pop Goes The Weasel · Jimmy Crack Corn · If You're Happy · Eency Weency Spider · ABC Song · What Shall We Do · Row Your Boat · I've Been Working on the Railroad · Poor Old Crow · The Sun Story · Two Little Apples · The Funky Farmer · Walking Walking Stop · Ring Around the Rosey · Hanky Tanks · We've Got the Whole World · Three Blind Mice · Old MacDonald Had a Farm · All the Pretty Horses · Yes You Can Can · She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain · Sail and Stop · Mama Don't Allow · Gypsy Wedding Dance · The Muffin Man · Skip to My Lou · Shoe A Little Horse · BINGO · Mary Had a Little Lamb · The Morning Song · Ninna Nanna · This Old Man · Lil Liza Jane · Two Twin Airplanes · A Baroque Waltz · London Bridges · Shoo Fly · The Train Ride · Pat-a-CAke · Twinkle Twinkle · Clementine · Old MacDonald Had a Car · Are You Sleeping? · Hush Little Surfer Baby · The Way They Ride · Michael Row · See How I'm Jumping · Turkey in the Straw · Elephant on a Spider's Web · Oh Susanna · Miss Mary Mack · Kookabura · The Old Gray Cat · Hush Little Baby · I Have A Dolly · Down in the Valley · Mama Paquita · La Bamba · Doctor Knickerbocker · The Spanish Tap Tap · The Mulberry Bush · Hokey Pokey · Let's Wave Goodbye

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Making Music with Children: An Easy Way to Make Music with Young Children (for Non-Musical Adults)

Compiled and performed by Teri Tibbett

2 CD set with activity book
74 songs, lyrics, and suggested activities

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